Contact Sales/Service

Wilkins Solutions Enterprises is located in 49 states. With hundreds of sales and service professionals across the country, it would be impossible to list all of them.

To locate your local sales or service manager, please contact (888) 460-4050.

Additionally, you can contact us electronically HERE.

Contact Careers

Due to the amount of applications we receive, the preferred method for contacting Brenda Jacobs or anyone in our HR department is via email. She can be reached at

If there is an urgent need, please contact (347) 687-2215. Due to high call volume, we may not always be able to take your call. Please do not contact the Executive Office or Sales/Service Helpline.

Contact Headquarters

To reach the offices of the Executive Management Team, please contact us at (352) 460-1801.

Additionally, you can write to us c/o of our South Carolina Headquarters at:

Wilkins Solutions Enterprises
1795 N. Highway 17
Suite 4
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464