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“Our values are more than words. They are the lifeline of our company”

With nine members of our family involved in the company in various capacities, putting our name on the company meant something we could all stand behind. With no way to change our family name, this means values are much more than words. They are the lifeline of our company.


An unwavering dedication to integrity has allowed customers, teammates and vendors to develop explict trust for one another. This allows us to really get to the meat of the issues and help each other.

Too many sales cultures rely on tricks and gimmicks. We've found that our success over the last ten years is directly tied to being honest with our customers.  We call it provocative selling; the customer is not always right and they deserve to know it.


This compasses not just listening to our customers and vendors but also listening to each other.  With a sales team comprising professionals for all backgrounds, we provide open forums for sharing of best practices, ideas, and improvements.


Many of the evolutions of this company are a direct reflection of suggestions from customers and team members from all layers of the organization.


Internally, we call it "Fish Speak" – the utilization of the collective experiences to continuously move forward faster as a whole team rather than individuals. Many sales and consulting organizations motivate their team members through Fear or Internal Competition.

We don't think either of these are beneficial as we've built our culture; why reward only the top 2-3 performers when 50 or more might be worthy of recognition for their own successes? Removing internal competition has been especially prevalent in encouraging the sharing of best practices company wide. Nobody is demotivated to help one of their teammates.


With such a wide array of products and customers, education and growth become a core foundation of the company. We offer a thorough initial training with our Wilkins Sales Academy. We follow this up with 10 hours weekly of optional continuing education combined with small monthly regional calls, vertical group calls and one-on-one coaching.

It is our full intention that someone who wants to grow in terms of knowledge, skills, or position in the company have every opportunity to do so.


Whether it be the opportunity to have your independence as a business professional, make an uncapped commission based on your success, be promoted to management, we have structured a company where all of that is possible. While territories initially have certain geographic or vertical restrictions, those are quickly expanded for those who have shown the propensity for success.

Opportunity also comes into play with the wide range of products available. Over 70% of our customers buy something we sell in the first nine months after initial contact. Repeat business becomes a staple of our business; someone may have first bought fitness equipment and one year later buys a playground, upgrades their pool area, or recarpets their entire facility. Opportunities are all around you.

Freedom through Discipline

We do not micromanage you however do have expectations for discipline and basic weekly reporting. Aside from weekly National Team Calls and monthly Regional Team Calls, we encourage you to enjoy your freedom and work a schedule that behooves you. Our Continuing Education sessions are not only optional, they are also recorded for repeat listening.

Want to see your kid play their baseball game at 4:00 PM? No approval required. Having an awesome month and want to celebrate by taking a four day vacation? No approval required.

With no micromanagement and no fear-based "quotas," it allows you the opportunity to make of this company what you want to put into it. Dress the way you want to dress. Be treated like the professional you are.


Utilizing the latest technological innovations to allow all facets of our business to run efficiently and effectively. Navigating through 1.5 million products would be an incredible daunting challenge without technology in place to simplify things; so that is just what we have done. With custom built systems from a development team of over 30 programmers, we're always adding and improving tools to make the entire experience better for the customer, our vendors, and our team.

Below are some of the tools we offer at the disposal of our sales team: